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  2. The Glacier Point Road starts on Highway 41 at Chinquapin; it's 17 miles (28 km) north from the park's south entrance, or 9 miles (14.5 km) south from the spot where Highway 41 departs Yosemite Valley. (see a Yosemite map
  3. Pohono Trail (east to west) Highlights: Valley Views. Distance: 13.7 miles (22.0 km) one way. Elevation Gain: 1,100 feet (335 m). Permit Demand: Medium. Trailhead: Glacier Point. Beginning with the sweeping vista of Glacier Point, venture along the south rim of Yosemite Valley and enjoy the evolving views from points like Taft, Dewey, and Stanford as you gradually descend to the end of the.
  4. Yosemite trail maps. If you're doing Yosemite just by car, the free maps below will be sufficient. If you're doing a lot of hiking or any overnight trip, you'll want to purchase a detailed trail map, such as the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map or the fantastic Tom Harrison map.. Neither of these maps is detailed enough for off-trail travel, so you'll want the large-scale.

Download Full Yosemite Map jpg (1 MB) Download Yosemite Valley Detail Map PDF (7.5 MB) Download a free copy of the official Yosemite National Park map before your Yosemite vacation. This Yosemite map shows most major park roads with notes about seasonal closings. You can also see an overview of the main hiking trails, but be sure to pick up an. How hard is the 4 mile trail? Difficulty: Call it a 4 out of 10 going down and 7 out of 10 going up. The trail is wide and smooth, and not nearly so steep as Upper Yosemite Falls, whose own valley-floor-to-valley-rim trail is a mile shorter There are over 800 miles of trails to explore through Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, and Wawona. Yosemite has so much to see including the sequoias, the flower filed meadows and valleys left behind from the glaciers, the highest waterfall in the United States, and the spectacular Half Dome and El Capitan the Northern terminus is the Happy Isles trailhead, in the Yosemite Valley of Yosemite National Park The John Muir Trail (JMT) is about 211 miles long and usually takes about 3 weeks to complete. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the US and shares 160 miles with the famous Pacific Crest Trail Easily accessible from many places throughout the valley; however, the mileage and description used here starts at the Lower Yosemite Fall area (follow signs for Valley Loop Trail). Bring a map with you (even a simple day hiking brochure from the visitor center) as it will orient you with the various land formations in the valley

The Four Mile Trail starts on the south side of Yosemite Valley by the swinging bridge and climbs up to Glacier Point. You can start the hike from either end, but there are some logistics involved on a one-way hike. The Four Mile Trail connects the Yosemite Valley with Glacier Point. The one-way hike is about 4.8 miles With more than 1,000 square miles to explore in Yosemite National Park, chances are you are only a stone's throw away from a great Yosemite hike

An interactive map of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) complete with a state-by-state breakdown, state maps, section highlights, length and highest elevation. The Pacific Crest Trail stretches a length of 2,659 miles from Mexico to Canada through three states: California, Oregon and Washington. Zoom to print PDF version This map depicts the Tahoe to Yosemite trail from its Meeks Bay Trail head on Highway 89 to the Echo Summit on Highway 50. 11.5 miles South out of Meeks Bay the Tahoe Yosemite Trail route meets up with the Pacific Crest and Tahoe Rim Trails at a junction just Southwest of Phipps Pass and.85 of a mile North of Middle Velma Lake

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The bottom of this Tuolumne Meadows Trail Map leads to the next trail map of Yosemite Valley. Each of these custom Yosemite Trail Maps are much more than just abstract representations. The vast majority of the red dots on the map are linked to the trail guide entry for that position The Tahoe-Yosemite Trail (TYT) is a long-distance trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California. The trail courses 186 miles (299 km) from Meeks Bay at Lake Tahoe to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point. Distance: 4.8 miles one-way, 3,200 foot elevation gain Difficulty: Very strenuous Length of time: 3 to 4 hours one-way. From Yosemite Valley you can hike 4.8 miles up to Glacier Point on Four Mile Trail. It is a very strenuous climb but offers wonderful views of the valley as you go

Yosemite trail Map. m ft. Ah Yosemite! This iconic Californian pearl is one of the United States' most popular national parks, attracting over four million visitors each year. And no wonder - Yosemite boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country, with soaring peaks and lush valleys that will make your heart soar. This epic. These are the best places for budget-friendly hiking trails in Yosemite National Park: Nevada Falls Loop. Panorama Trail. Mist Trail. Four Mile Trail. Lower Yosemite Fall Trail. See more budget-friendly hiking trails in Yosemite National Park on Tripadvisor

The trail involves a gruellingly start up the steep Upper Yosemite Falls Trail before you hit a pretty stretch of forest which is predominantly flat, and offers some much welcome shade. As you make your way through the forest, roughly two miles before the summit of El Cap you can add on a side trail to the stunning Eagle Peak for some. Water Source. This trip in Yosemite National Park is a strenuous 37 mile one-way backpacking route from Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley, crossing Half Dome on the way. This trip took 5 days and 4 nights to complete with 5000 feet of elevation gain and 9000 feet total of descent and starts on the Glen Aulin Trail and meets up with the.

John Muir Trail Entry Points Alphabetical list of Inyo National Forest trails that connect to John Muir Trail (JMT) Mileage and elevation are approximate for trip planning, not intended for navigation. * indicates there is no pass between entry point and JMT junction) d f Pass n s ton Baxter Pass (Independence) 6,000 ft. 12,270 ft. 10,200 ft. 8 1 The Half Dome Hike in California is one of Yosemite National Parks most well-known & popular hiking trails (and for a good reason). This guide covers absolutely everything you need to know to attempt a safe summit up the trail: from where to park, to what to pack, to training, to even tips-and- Not to mention the summit of one of Yosemite's most sought after peaks. You're accomplishing a section of the John Muir Trail while seeing the best of the Yosemite High Country. A great hike for those who want to hike the John Muir Trail but don't have to the time for the entire 200 miles. Food, Equipment & Lodgin

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A complete thru-hike of the Yosemite High Route is a one- to two-week project, depending on your fitness and on the approach distances to the Core Route. It will be 120 to 160 miles in length, and have 34,000 to 46,000 feet of vertical gain. Section-hikes are suitable for weekend- to week-long itineraries. During the off-trail segments and in. Other routes can be taken to the top of Half Dome, including following Panorama Trail down from Glacier Point past Illilouette Falls, down to John Muir Trail, and up to Half Dome (10 miles one way), or hiking south from Tenaya Lake on Tioga Road through the Yosemite backcountry to Half Dome (11.5 miles one way) Four Mile Trail - You can hike to Glacier Point from Yosemite Valley if you take this strenuous 9.6 mile roundtrip trail. Panorama - This is an extension of Mist/John Muir trail which can be joined close to Nevada Falls and hiked to Glacier Point, but its 8.5 miles one way and strenuous The Mist Trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls. A hike on the Mist Trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls is a must if you're visiting Yosemite National Park. The hike is 3 miles roundtrip to Vernal Falls and 7 miles total if you want to see Nevada Falls. It is a 1,000-foot gain to Vernal Falls and another 900 to the top of Nevada Falls

The Muir Trail adds an extra 1.5 miles to the hike, but it is less steep than the Mist Trail. Plus, the Muir Trail gives you a great view of the back of Half Dome, as well as the Nevada Fall. If you want to see a different view of Yosemite and don't mind a longer but less steep descent, consider the Muir Trail You can choose to hike back to Yosemite Valley by reversing your route, or by taking the Panorama Trail, which brings you to the Happy Isles Trailhead (increasing the total mileage to 16.3 miles). Since Glacier Point Road will be closed in 2022 for road repairs, the Four Mile Trail will be one of the only options to access Glacier Point Little Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne Meadows. From Little Yosemite Valley the trail climbs sharply along Sunrise Creek for the first 3 miles, passing the turnoffs to Half Dome and Clouds Rest. The rest of the way to Cathedral Pass the trail ascends in spurts, drops into the valley at Sunrise High Sierra Camp and climbs again to Cathedral Pass

Extensions: The trail to Yosemite Point splits off near the top of the trail, crosses Yosemite Creek, and continues 0.8 miles up to a panoramic 6,936-foot perch on the rim of Yosemite Valley. Eagle Peak is around 2.9 miles up Eagle Peak Trail from Yosemite Falls Trail, with additional connections to Tioga Road and El Capitan With miles of mapped trails including portions of the Pacific Crest and John Muir trails, this map can guide you off the beaten path and back again in some of the most stunning scenery in the Sierras. Trail mileage between intersections will help you choose the path that's right for you Yosemite National Park is located in the central eastern portion of California and encompasses the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain. The park is best known for its waterfalls, but within its nearly 1,200 square miles, there are deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, and much more. Most visitors spend the majority of..

We've picked cabins and homes that are not too far from Yosemite Valley, to maximize your adventure time. Hike to Scenic May Lake. The hike to May Lake is longer, at about 2.5 miles round trip, and a little more challenging, but it comes with mountain views and the stunning vistas for which Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada are known Clouds Rest from Happy Isles is a 23.8 mile (55,000-step) route located near Yosemite National Park, California, USA. This route has an elevation gain of about 6136.9 ft and is rated as hard. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App. Clouds Rest may not be the highest point in Yosemite

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Finally, you can return to the valley via the 4-mile trail, extending your hike to 18 miles total (The 4-mile Trail is 4.8 miles). 3 - Single Vehicle / Single Party . If you're determined to hike the Pohono Trail as a one-way trip with a single vehicle, your options (shy of hitchhiking) are limited and involve the Glacier Point Shuttle For strong hikers, the 4-Mile Trail provides a great way to eschew the logistics of getting to Glacier Point. This trail is actually 4.8 miles, and it climbs from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point. Free shuttle buses throughout the Valley will take you to its trail head, at the base of Cathedral Rocks (The El Capitan Shuttle) 2. Mist Trail. Trailhead Coordinates: 37.7331223,-119.5538239. Distance: 3 miles, round trip. Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet. Difficulty: Strenuous. Even if you can't get a permit for Half Dome, you should check out Mist Trail, which is the first portion of the hike on the way to Half Dome

The trails at Yosemite can be strenuous and are made more difficult due to low oxygen caused by the high elevation. Going for a walk 4 to 5 times a week in the weeks leading up to your trip is encouraged. The trails are clearly marked, but there are still rocks and steps to navigate and the distance are 6 to 10 miles between camps Halfmile's PCT maps have been replaced by a new series of Pacific Crest Trail maps from National Geographic. These handy new map booklets are the result of a collaboration between Halfmile and National Geographic. They can be purchased from the Pacific Crest Trail Association online store or other National Geographic Map retailers. The old Halfmil The heart of the floor of Yosemite Valley, from Bridalveil Meadow in the west to Mirror Lake below Half Dome in the east, is over 7 miles one way connected by roads, bike paths and walking paths. It's a daunting round trip by foot but a cinch on a bike. Views to most of Yosemite Valley's famous granite landmarks fall within this area, as does. Maps. Halfmile (the trail name of a very helpful individual) offers a set of free downloadable and printable PCT topographic maps. Each section is comprised of several maps. Tahoe to Sonora Pass Highway is California Section J, while Sonora Pass to Yosemite is California Section I

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View Trail Map Send to App Nestled within Yosemite National Park, this paved trail system offers an easy way to explore the incredibly scenic Yosemite Valley. See such famous landmarks as the Swinging Bridge, Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Chapel, Royal Arches and Washington Column Between Meeks Bay and Echo Summit in the Desolation Wilderness along the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail there are 32 miles and two major passes, Phipps Pass and Dicks Pass, measuring at 8800 and 9390 of feet of elevation, respectively Section Skipped: Yosemite (40.2 miles) Starting Elevation: 8,200 feet. Difficulty: Difficult. Permit Required: Yes. Recommended Maps: JMT Map Pack, Yosemite High Country. Just east of Yosemite and not far from Highway 395 is Forest Service Road 1S23/Sawmill Canyon Road A series of intersecting loop trails bring total potential mileage to 132. Heavily forested throughout, the trail skirts many developed areas, and contains a number of road walks (some several miles long) connecting sections of the trail. Trail is blazed, well signed, and regularly maintained along the entire length. Long Path: 347.4 559.0

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APart from when the trail crosses parking lots I only met half a dozen people all day. I stopped by the river and watched deer crossing, I saw bear scat, and watched in awe as climbers scaled El Cap. It was a hot day, but nearly the trail was shaded luckily, the trail is marked, but you do need a map, There are hardly any paved areas The John Muir Trail (JMT) is a 211-mile trail that undulates across numerous high passes in the Sierra Nevada. The trail has several resupply options along the way but does not pass through any towns. The Northern Terminus is located at Happy Isles in Yosemite National Park (YNP) while the Southern Terminus is at the summit of Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. Yosemite is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant sequoia groves, and biological diversity. The 750,000-acre, 1,200 square-mile park contains thousands of lakes and ponds, 1600 miles of streams, 800 miles of hiking trails, and 350 miles of roads Backpack from Mammoth Mountain to Yosemite Valley via the John Muir Trail. Rated 5.0 /5 based on 1 customer reviews. Save Review Directions. Details. Distance. 52 miles. Elevation Gain. 6300 ft. Route Type

Feb 2021 • Friends. We spotted this trail on our way up to Yosemite, in Oakhurst, Nice trail, 2 miles, dog friendly ,shaded area, beautiful waterfall scenery. Written March 3, 2021. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. la15ota The John Muir Trail traditionally begins in Yosemite Valley and quickly gains 3,000 vertical feet over the first 6 miles. Given your bag is heaviest on the first day, this is a tough climb. At 6 miles you reach the junction to Half Dome, a Yosemite icon. If you have never hiked up from the Valley and summited Half Dome before, you should.

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Today's Mileage/Elevation (without Half dome): 6.7 mi / +250′, -1,800′ Day 6: Our final hike takes us 4.5 miles down to Yosemite Valley (4,000′). We will hike along the famous Mist Trail that descends beside both Nevada Fall and Vernal Fall before ending in Curry Village The John Muir Trail Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. The popular John Muir Trail extends 220 miles from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney. Most hikers prefer to start in Yosemite, allowing themselves to acclimate gradually to the increasing elevations as they move south toward 14,505-foot Mt. Whitney

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The trail begins at the Ten Lakes trailhead (7600 ft) right beside Yosemite Creek. The first 4 miles start you on the ascent through the wooded forest, however there are portions of the trail that will take you through granite rock valleys marked with only cairns so keep your eyes peeled throughout the trek From the Yosemite Creek start point, the trail runs up a long valley, climbing fairly gently for 5.2 miles to a junction, where a 1.4 mile spur leads to the lower of the two Grant Lakes, and the main route continues 1.2 miles to the first of the Ten Lakes which, despite their name, only comprise seven significant lakes plus about a dozen much. Day 10 - Marie Lake 11.5 miles. Day 11 - Muir Trail Ranch 7.5 miles. Day 12 - Muir Trail Ranch 0 (camp for the night) Day 13 - Near Ranger Station in McClure Meadow 11.8. Day 14 - Medium Lake 13.1 miles. Day 15 - Deer Meadow 12.2 miles. Day 16 - Taboose Pass Junction 15.3 miles. Day 17 - Middle Rae Lake 16 mile The Yosemite Half Marathon is a fast scenic course through the Sierra National Forest just outside Yosemite National Park! Enjoy a peaceful 5 mile run through the trees, a fast 5 mile descent, and a beautiful 3 mile loop around Bass Lake If you are starting in Yosemite Valley, don't be surprised to see large numbers of people traveling to the top of Vernal Falls (the first 2 miles of the hike). This is an extremely popular day trip! For hikers traveling North Bound (NOBO) ending the trail in Yosemite Valley the crowds can be overwhelming after being on the trail for several days

You can extend this hike by continuing East from the El Capitan summit to Eagle Peak. To extend even further from Eagle Peak it is possible to hike down to the valley floor via the Upper Yosemite Fall trail. See the trail head sign and Yosemite Valley map above for distances and routes Local activities abound, from swimming, golfing, hiking, horse trail rides, river rafting, and mining for gold, or just plain relaxing. Spend evenings watching the meteors sweep across the Yosemite National Park night sky, or take an early morning hike to the knoll to watch the sunrise over the Yosemite National Park High Sierra Mountains John Muir Trail Day 1. Distance: 11.6 miles. Cumulative Distance: 11.6 miles. Total Ascent: 5,000 ft. Cumulative Ascent: 5,000 ft. Harrison Map Sheet 13. GPX file. Our plan for our first day on the JMT is a fairly short climb to Little Yosemite Valley, where we will drop our packs and setup camp for the night

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Wow! Yosemite Lakes RV Resort is the perfect camping destination for enjoying a scenic summer in California. Just five miles from Yosemite National Park, this campground features 400 acres of wonderland and activity. The South Fork of the Tuolumne River running through the preserve is ideal for swimming, fishing and panning for gold From Glacier Point, 3,200 feet above Yosemite Valley, a stupendous vista stretches out for many miles north and east, over the forests and meadows around the Merced river, the enclosing cliffs and lofty domes, and across the countless higher mountains in the distant wilderness areas of the national park.In one direction, Vernal and Nevada falls are clearly visible, along the course of Little. Expertly researched and created in partnership with local land management agencies, this map features key points of interest including Twin Lakes, Tuolumne River, Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, and portions of Ansel Adams Wilderness, Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area, and Yosemite Wilderness. With miles of mapped trails including portions.

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When I talk about this trail I use the name of Yosemite's Mono Pass Trail because there is also a place called Mono Pass above Rock Creek and Little Lakes Valley, about 40 miles to the south of Yosemite. Back to Yosemite's Mono Pass Trail, it was a primary prehistoric lanes of travel across the Sierra Nevada and is still used today It is a lovely drive through the Merced River Canyon. From $169 / night. Entire cabin · 4 guests · 2 beds · 1 bath. NEW - Historic Landmark log cabin on Merced River Historic Landmark Log Cabin located alongside the Merced River, 21 miles outside of Mariposa and 10 miles from the Arch Rock entrance of Yosemite National Park. From $275 / night Separate arrangements may be made for overnight camping at Del Valle Regional Park (outside the Ohlone Wilderness and at the north end of the Ohlone Trail) by calling 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2. Little Yosemite. Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from the Visitor Center

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Popular hiking trails that travel through Yosemite Valley include the John Muir Trail, which offers excellent views of the park's granite peaks; and the Four-Mile Trail to Glacier Point, offering. For backcountry trails away from roads please use a detailed topographic map (not these maps). Some maps are large, so look at the map size if your Internet connection is slow. Overview Map of Yosemite Valley (YCS, 2004). Simple overview map of Yosemite Valley, including shuttle bus and bike path routes and food services. features and visitor. It was 4.5 miles from Little Yosemite Valley to Happy Isles and another 1 mile walk to where our car was parked at Curry Village. We decided to take the John Muir Trail back rather than the Mist Trail because (1) we did not want to get wet and (2) none of us had taken that trail before 3. Panorama Trail. The name of this Yosemite National Park hiking trail is no coincidence! Panorama Point is unmarked (about 0.5 mile from Illilouete Creek), but this off-shoot has some of the best views of the valley. It also happens to be one of the longer trails Yosemite has to offer, measuring in at 8.5 miles one way Journey through time and follow in the footsteps of Yosemite's earliest visitors along the 4 Mile Trail that leads from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point. Today's trail is closer to 5 Miles and is filled with views of Sentinel Rock and western end of the valley that will leave you breathless

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Day hike: 9 miles round-trip to Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp. Backpack: 27 miles round-trip to McCabe Lakes There's a lot of argument about which stretch of the PCT has the most breathtaking scenery, but for lovers of high-alpine landscapes, it's tough to beat the 77-mile stretch of trail from Yosemite's Tuolumne Meadows—the largest subalpine meadow in the Sierra Nevada—northward to. Upper Yosemite Falls Trail. This is a steep, arduous climb through oak woodland to the top of the tallest waterfall in North America. Along the way you'll get great views of the valley and Half Dome at Columbia Rock. Another .8 miles past the top of the falls is Yosemite Point which also offers incredible views of the park Additionally, this place is a trail intersection where the John Muir Trail and the Half Dome trail intersect with the Mist Trail! Do NOT miss the Mist Trail, it was our favorite hike in Yosemite National Park. Mist Trail Hike Details: Distance: 8.8 miles out & back; Elevation Gain: 2,200 feet; Trailhead: Curry Villag The 4-Mile Trail is a strenuous hike where you can enjoy amazing views of Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Valley. There is a scenic backdrop of the Half Dome and the Sierra mountain peaks. The hiking trail starts from the valley from close to the Swinging Bridge and goes all the way to the south valley rim near Glacier Point Yosemite Falls Trail. Yosemite Valley. Distance: 7.2 miles/8.4 miles with Yosemite Point, round-trip. Elevation gain: 2,600ft to Yosemite Falls; 2,900ft to Yosemite Point. Difficulty: Difficult.

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Yosemite Cabins - Inside the Park: Located inside the park, these Yosemite cabin accommodations are only a 15-minute drive or 8 miles from the valley. Options in Groveland Pine Mountain Lake Yosemite Cabin Rentals : Rent a condo, house or Yosemite cabin in a gated community a few miles outside the park Even though Glacier Point is only a few miles from the Yosemite Valley, the drive itself takes 45 minutes to an hour from Yosemite Village due to the elevation change. Glacier Point has a short, easy trail from the parking area to a variety of lookout points. Both a side view of Half Dome as well as Vernal and Nevada Falls are visible

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Overview. Although the Pacific Crest Trail extends all the way from the Mexican border to the Canadian border (2,650 miles), some of the finest sections of trail go through Yosemite National Park, from the Donohue Pass in the southern part to Dorothy Lake Pass at the northern border The easiest way to do this by far is to take the shuttle to Glacier Point, and then just hike eight or nine miles down the Mist Trail past Nevada and Vernal Falls to the Valley. If you want a longer day, you could hike up the Four Mile Trail, and then down the Mist Trail for one of the best spring tours in Yosemite.. If you park at Glacier Point and do it as an out and back trip, remember that. Upper Yosemite requires a more challenging hike up to the crest, but Middle Cascades and Lower Yosemite Fall can be accessed with a fairly easy hike. For a totally epic experience of Yosemite Falls, walk the one-mile trail at the base Begin your outing by either ascending the John Muir Trail (JMT) (not as steep) or the Mist Trail (steep) to Little Yosemite Valley Campground. Follow the signs and continue up river, pass LYV. The trail to Merced Lake continues along the river through a pine forest for the next few miles Other options for hikes include Bridalveil Fall (0.5 miles or 0.8 kilometers), Lower Yosemite Fall (1 mile or 1.6 kilometers), Cook's Meadow Loop (1 mile or 1.6 kilometers), Mirror Lake (2 miles or 3.2 kilometers), Valley Floor Loop (13 miles or 20.9 kilometers), and Four Mile Trail (9.6 miles or 15.5 kilometers), just to name a few