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Ecological Framework for Dryopteris expansa The table below shows the species-specific information calculated from original data (BEC database) provided by the BC Ministry of Forests and Range. (Updated August, 2013 Spreading Wood Fern The Wood Fern Family—Dryopteridaceae Dryopteris expansa Adans. (dry-OP-ter-is ex-PAN-suh) Names: Dryo- comes from a Greek word meaning tree, or more specifically oak—the same root as is found in the words dryad and druid. Pteris means fern.. Expansa means expanding or spreading. Botanical synonyms include D. austriaca, D. assimilis, and D. dilatata Dryopteris expansa is diploid and is one of the parents of D . campyloptera . Where their ranges overlap in eastern Canada, these two species are very difficult to distinguish except by chromosome number. The growth habit ( D . expansa leaves are more erect) is useful in the field. Three hybrids involving D . expansa are known; all are very rare A hegyi pajzsika (Dryopteris expansa) a pajzsikafélék (Dryopteridaceae) családjába tartozó, Magyarországon védett növényfaj. Leírása. Levelei 10-60 cm, ritkán 90 cm hosszúak. Rizómája egyenes, vagy elhajló, gyakran oldalhajtásos. Kromoszómaszáma 2n=82..

Dryopteris expansa, de noms communs Dryoptère dressée, Dryoptéris étalé ou Dryoptéris élargi [2], est une espèce de fougères du genre Dryopteris appartenant à la famille des Dryopteridaceae que l'on trouve en Eurasie (sauf dans ses zones méridionales [3]), jusqu'à l'Altaï, au Groenland et en Amérique du Nor (Dryopteris expansa) a jejího køíence D. ×ambroseae v Èeské republice Differentiation of Dryopteris expansa and its hybrid D. ×ambroseae and revision of their distribution in the Czech Republic Libor E k r t 1), Renata L i n h a r t o v á 2) & Milan Š t e c h 1) Katedra botaniky, Pøírodovìdecká fakulta, Jihoèeská univerzita. Dryopteris expansa. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Smith System: Domain:. Coastal Indicator Plants of British Columbia. spiny wood fern - Dryopteris expansa. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Forestry. Illustration Credit.. Dryopteris expansa occurs at altitudes from 200 to 1420 mand most frequently at altitudes from 500 to 700 m.A short summary of the taxonomy and hybridisation in the D. carthusiana group is given. An identification key, distribution maps and notes to the differentiation, hybridization and habitat preferences are presented as well

D. expansa and D. × ambroseae are reported from the Belgian High Ardennes. A chromosome count (n = 41) was made for D. expansa, by H. Rasbach Dryopteris expansa in Kew Science Plants of the World online. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the internet. Accessed: 2020 Mar 28. Reference page. International Plant Names Index. 2020. Dryopteris expansa. Published online. Accessed: Mar 28 2020. Tropicos.org 2020. Dryopteris expansa. Missouri Botanical Garden Media in category Dryopteris expansa The following 45 files are in this category, out of 45 total. Common oak fern on Little Si - Flickr - brewbooks.jpg. Dryopteris expansa (16539500401).

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in Dryopteris expansa. FIS is the fixation index within a population; the amount of differen-tiation among populations is given by FST; FIT is the overall fixation index. In Dryopteris ex-pansa the major component of FIT is FIS (Table 4). The relatively high FST value suggests a high degree of interpopulational differentiation an Coastal Indicator Plants of British Columbia. spiny wood fern - Dryopteris expansa. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Forestry. Illustration Credit..

Dryopteris: [Dryopteridaceae] trasformazione in genere dell'epiteto specifico dryopteris a seguito della separazione dal genere Polypodium expansa: (Armeria, Aspidium. Herb: Spiny Wood Fern Latin name: Dryopteris expansa Synonyms: Dryopteris assimilis Family: Dryopteridaceae (Wood Fern Family) Medicinal use of Spiny Wood Fern: A poultice of the pounded roots has been applied to cuts. We have no other reports for this species, but the following uses apply to many members of this genus and quite probably also to this species Dryopteris expansa, alpine buckler fern or spreadin wid fern, is a species o fern native tae cuil temperate an subarctic regions o the Northren Hemisphere, sooth at heich altitudes in muntains tae Spain an Greece in soothren Europe, tae Japan in eastren Asie, an tae central Californie in North Americae.The species wis first describit frae Germany.It prefers cuil, moist mixed or evergreen. Záměny: Kapraď osténkatá (Dryopteris carthusiana) se liší kratšími plevinami na řapíku, bez výrazného tmavšího středního pruhu. Kapraď podobná (Dryopteris expansa) má líc listů světle zelenou. Ohrožení a ochrana: Druh je chráněn zákonem v Maďarsku a Srbsku. Fotografováno dne 4. 7. 2012 (Krkonoše)

DRYOPTERIS EXPANSA WHOLE 94I3R074DD Other General Names 8: Identifiers 8: Related Substances 1: DRYOPTERIS EXPANSA WHOLE 94I3R074DD Other Approval Year Unknown. 116686. Name Type Language; DRYOPTERIS EXPANSA WHOLE: Sources: Common Name English SPREADING WOODFERN WHOLE: Source:. An Dryopteris expansa in uska species han Plantae in nahilalakip ha punoan nga Tracheophyta, ngan nga syahan ginhulagway ni Karel Presl, ngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni Fraser-jenk. och Amp; Jermy.An Dryopteris expansa in nahilalakip ha genus nga Dryopteris, ngan familia nga Dryopteridaceae Dryopteris expansa. Dryopteris expansa. Northwest Wood Fern: USDA Zone: 5-9: Plant number: 9.030.240. Native to the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest, this fern in often seen growing in damp moss or on rotting logs. Plants form an upright clump of finely divided dark green fronds, well suited to massing in a woodland garden. This is a well. 80. Dryopteris expansa (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenkins & Jermy, Fern Gaz. 11(5): 338. 1977. 广布鳞毛蕨 guang bu lin mao jue Nephrodium expansum C. Presl, Reliq. Haenk. C4a vzácnější taxony vyžadující pozornost (D-F) Dactylorhiza fuchsii var. fuchsii - prstnatec Fuchsův pravý Dianthus armeria - hvozdík svazčitý Dianthus pontederae - hvozdík Pontederův Diplotaxis muralis - křez zední Doronicum austriacum - kamzičník rakouský Dryopteris expansa - kapraď podobná Eleocharis mamillata subsp. mamillat

Dryopteris expansa Family Dryopteridaceae Identified By A.A. Reznicek Collector Don Henson Collector Number 3923 Event Date 1994-08-21 Continent North America Country USA State/Province Michigan County Marquette Locality S of Yellow Dog River. Habitat Rocky north facing escarpment in hardwoods and rich woods below escarpment. Collection Code. Spreading Woodfern ( Dryopteris expansa ), a Wisconsin Special Concern plant, is found in cool coniferous (balsam-fir, white cedar, hemlock) to mixed forests, sometimes in cold canyons. The optimal identification period for this species is late May through late September

Dryopteris expansa (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy: China (Asia) Japan (Asia) Russian Federation (Asia) South Korea (Asia) United States (North America) Note: This information is based on publications available through Tropicos and may not represent the entire distribution. Tropicos does not categorize distributions as native or non-native Dryopteris expansa Dryopteris expansa (Spreading Wood Fern) Dryopteris expansa (Spreading Wood Fern) is a deciduous fern forming an upright tuft of finely divided, broad, triangular, dark green fronds from a scaly rhizome. Round and pale green, the sori are located on the underside of the leaflets Dryopteris expansa kapraď podobná: Author Reczyńska, Kamila : Date 15.9.2011: Locality Międzyzdroje: Woliński národní park, bažinná olšina (Alnetea glutinosae). Country Poland: Photo ID 1551 Dryopteris expansa is most commonly found in lowlands from sea level up to 150 m and, in mountains, from 600 up to 1000 m; in the upper arctic-alpine zone, it is rarer . The most noticeable difference between the three species in the British Isles is the restriction of D. expansa to northern montane areas, where it is represented in only 292 (8.

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  1. Dryopteris expansa es el nombre botánico de esta especie perteneciente a la familia Dryopteridaceae y es conocida de forma común como: helecho de madera alpino. Sus sinonimias son las siguientes: Dryopteris assimilis, Dryopteris dilatata subsp. americana, Dryopteris manshurica, Dryopteris siranensis, Dryopteris spinulosa subsp. assimilis y Nephrodium expansum
  2. Nerecznica górska (Dryopteris expansa) - gatunek rośliny z rodziny nerecznicowatych. Zasięg gatunku obejmuje wszystkie kontynenty w strefie umiarkowanej na półkuli północnej.Ponieważ rośliny tego gatunku włączane były przez długi czas od szeroko ujmowanej nerecznicy szerokolistnej D. dilatata sensu lato rozmieszczenie w Polsce nie jest dobrze udokumentowane; wiadomo, że jest to.
  3. Dryopteris expansa, the alpine buckler fern, northern buckler-fern or spreading wood fern, is a species of fern native to cool temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, south at high altitudes in mountains to Spain and Greece in southern Europe, to Japan in eastern Asia, and to central California in North America. 24 relations

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Dryopteris expansa là một loài thực vật có mạch trong họ Dryopteridaceae. Loài này được (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy miêu tả khoa học đầu tiên năm 1977. Hình ảnh. Chú thích Liên kết ngoài. Phương tiện liên quan tới Dryopteris expansa tại. Feingliedriger Dornfarn (Dryopteris expansa (C.Presl) Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy): Er ist in Europa, in der Türkei, in Russland, Nordamerika und Grönland weitverbreitet. Echter Wurmfarn (Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott): Er ist in Eurasien, Nordafrika und in der Neuen Welt weitverbreitet Browse 1,192,000 global plant names, 100,400 detailed descriptions, and 263,600 images with an initial focus on tropical Afric Dryopteris expansa . Range . Alaska to Newfoundland and Greenland, south to California, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Also found in Central Europe. Ecozones: Boreal Shield and Pacific Maritime. Climate, elevation. Cool moist woods and rocky slopes. Hardy to an annual minimum average temperature of -40ºF. Local occurrence.

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Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Divisio Breitblättriger Dornfarn. Wissenschaftlicher Name. Dryopteris dilatata. ( Hoffm.) A.Gray. Der Breitblättriger Dornfarn, auch Großer Dornfarn ( Dryopteris dilatata, Syn.: Dryopteris austriaca) ist eine verbreitete Pflanzenart aus der Gattung der Wurmfarne ( Dryopteris ). Sie ist in gemäßigten Gebieten auf der Nordhalbkugel weitverbreitet Dryopteris expansa needs 0.5 cups of water every 9 when it doesn't get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5 pot located in Los Angeles, CA.. Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants

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Dryopteris expansa Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy: Laing Ngalan; Nephrodium expansum C. Presl Lastrea expansa (Presl) Presl Dryopteris spinulosa subsp. assimilis (S. Walker) Schidlay Dryopteris siranensis Nakai Dryopteris minimisora Nakai Dryopteris manshurica Ching ex Wang & al. Dryopteris extremiorientalis V. Vassil., nom. inval. Dryopteris expansa. Dryopteris carthusiana subsp. assimilis (S.Walker) O.Bolòs, Vigo, Massales & Ninot synonym: UKSI Dryopteris expansa (C.Presl) Fraser-Jenkins & Jermy synonym: UKSI Dryopteris expansa var. alpina (T. Moore) Viane synonym: UKSI Dryopteris expansa var. alpina (T.Moore) Viane synony Щитник розпростертий (Dryopteris expansa) — багаторічна трав'яниста рослина родини щитникові (Dryopteridaceae), яка заввишки до близько 40 см і має довге, тонке кореневищ Dryopteris expansa. Dryopteris expansa (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenkins & Jermy is an accepted species name sensu FNA Ed. Comm., 1993. Vernacular names. dryoptère dressée Fleurbec, 1993; dryoptéris élargi Lambinon et al., 1992; dryoptéris étalé Centre du réseau suisse de floristique, 2010; spreading wood fern FNA Ed. Comm., 199 Sauetelg (latin: Dryopteris expansa) er en art av store bregner innenfor stortelgslekten i stortelgfamilien.Den er en av i alt seks arter av denne slekten som vokser i Norge, og i tillegg har den en underordnet variant i Norge, nemlig Bruntelg (latin: Dryopteris expansa var. willeana).. De store bregnene har korte jordstengler, og bladene sitter relaivt spredt og i få antall i rosetter nede.

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DRYOPTERIS EXPANSA WHOLE 94I3R074DD Overview Names 8: Identifiers 8: Audit Info References 7: Substance Class: Structurally Diverse Source Materials Class: ORGANISM: Source Materials Type: PLANT: Organism Family: DRYOPTERIDACEAE Organism Genus : DRYOPTERIS Organism Species: EXPANSA. Dryopteris expansa. Share. Species similar to or like Dryopteris expansa. Species of fern native to cool temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, south at high altitudes in mountains to Spain and Greece in southern Europe, to Japan in eastern Asia, and to central California in North America.. Dryopteris expansa is the least common, mostly found in mountains, but also in wet woodlands at lower altitudes. 3. Dryopteris dilatata is mainly a species of semi-shade, and in the British Isles is considered to be the most shade-tolerant of the three

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Spreading Woodfern - Dryopteris expansa, native: * Leaves 2- or 3-pinnate at base and can be more evergreen. * Petiole is often about half as long as the blade. * Leaves are broadly ovate to triangular in outline. * Leaf blade is about one-half to two-thirds as wide as long (except in very robust plants) De tere stekelvaren (Dryopteris expansa) is een overblijvende varen uit de niervarenfamilie (Dryopteridaceae).De soort staat op de Nederlandse Rode lijst van planten als zeer zeldzaam en stabiel of toegenomen. De tere stekelvaren komt voor in de gematigde en koude streken op het noordelijk halfrond, maar niet in Siberië. Het aantal chromosomen is 2n = 82

Dryopteris expansa, alpine buckler fern, northern buckler-fern [1] or spreading wood fern, is a species of fern native to cool temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, south at high altitudes in mountains to Spain and Greece in southern Europe, to Japan in eastern Asia, and to central California in North America Dryopteris remota, the scaly buckler fern or remote wood fern, is a fertile hybrid between Dryopteris affinis and Dryopteris expansa. It displays some of the finer characteristics of each parent from the crown's golden scales inherited from D. affinis to the fine textured light green foliage of D. expansa. It is one of the earlies Dryopteris species are notorious for hybridizing, and many hybrid combinations have been documented from Michigan. Hybrids are best recognized by the combination of sterility (abortive spores) and morphological intermediacy and are not accommodated in the key Dryopteris expansa. Illustration from The Cultivated Species of the Fern Genus Dryopteris in the United States, Barbara Joe Hoshizaki and Kenneth A. Wilson, American Fern Journal, 89, 1, (1999), with permission.: Dryopteris expansa.Frond. Illustration from Scandinavian Ferns by Benjamin llgaard and Kirsten Tind, Rhodos, 1993.: Dryopteris expansa.a) lowest pinnae strongly anadromic, note.

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Fig. 1. - Meiosis (Metaphase I) in Dryopteris expansa. Spore mother cell with 41 bivalents. A = Photo, A' = explanatory diagram. Prep, and photo : H. Rasbach. HABITAT AND RANGE IN BELGIUM In the Klumpischbrat Wood/), expansa and/), ambroseae were found at 550 m alt. on a gentle east slope, in the transition zone between a planted Picea abies. Vícejazyčná internetová databáze rostlin. Možnost vyhledávání podle různých výběrových kriterií (výška, barva a doba kvetení, nárok

Source: Christenhusz, M. & Raab-Straube, E. von (2013+): Polypodiopsida. - In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity Dryopteris expansa represents one of the two diploid progenitors of the allotetraploid D. dilatata. Due to. this close genetic relationship, both species are morphologically very similar and often.

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Dryopteris expansa (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenkins & Jermy and Dryopteris submontana (Fraser-Jenkins & Jermy) Fraser-Jenkins, two neglected species in the fern flora of Croatia // Booklet of Abstracts of 30th symposium of Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology / Topić, Jasenka (ur.). Zagreb: Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology, 2005. str. 43-44 (poster. Northern hardwood or mixed conifer-hardwood forests, usually on slopes and in ravines. The very long and broad lower pinnules near the rachis make the lowest pinnae of this plant quite asymmetric compared with either D. carthusiana or D. intermedia.An evidently very rare glandular form has been collected twice; it is morphologically typical of D. expansa so apparently not of hybrid origin

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Semi-evergreen finely dissected pentagonal fronds Zone 3-9. 16-30 PNW part shade-shade moist well draine Dryopteris expansa (C.Presl) Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy Images from the web. Quick facts. Threat status Europe: Not evaluated (IUCN) The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species. The main focus of the EUNIS species component is to provide relevant information about the European species protected by Directives. Find dryopteris expansa stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Dryopteris expansa Family Dryopteridaceae Identified By W.H. Wagner, Jr. & F.S. Wagner Collector Warren H. Wagner, Jr. Collector Number 9435-2 Event Date 1961-06-26 Continent North America Country USA State/Province Michigan County Marquette Locality Middle (2nd) Pine Lake, S of; N side of Mummy Mt, Huron Mtns Decimal Latitude 46.8659560000. Dryopteris expansa: | | | | |Dryopteris expansa| | | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most.